Life-long Republican

Living in the San Antonio area for over 40 years, Joseph is a life-long Republican and Conservative member of our community

2,000+ Family Law Matters

During his 25 year private practice career, Joseph has handled over 2,000 Family Law matters. Joseph also has trial experience in other Civil matters.

Most Feared Lawyer

Voted "Most Feared Lawyer" by the De Medici Ratings in 2016. Joseph will bring the same level of tenacity and work ethic to the Bexar County 288th District Court.

4 years experience as Municipal Court Judge for Devine

4 Years Experice as a Municipal Court Judge

My experience gained as a Municipal Court Judge is invaluable. The challenges of applying the law to "real life" situations simply cannot be taught in a book or seminar. At the end of the day, the most important person in the courtroom is not the Judge, it is the people whose lives are deeply affected by your decisions.

10 Best Law Firms for Family Law

Joseph was voted one of the 10 Best Law Firms by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys in 2017. About half of the matters adjudicated by the 288th District Court are Family Law and Joseph's experience will serve Bexar County well.


Next Steps...

Help support Joseph with your vote, your financial support and by spreading the word that "Experience Matters" in the 288th District Court of Bexar County.